Why Give Your Support

Our goal of moving the boundary between Idaho and Washington will happen but it requires the support of the population of both States.   We need your help to get our message out. Your donation will be used to grow our organization and inform your neighbors about our goals and efforts.  Our Committee is run as efficiently as possible to ensure that as much money as possible is used for direct outreach and communication.

The Committee for Liberty

The Committee for Liberty supports a realignment of state boundaries between Washington and Idaho.  Western and Eastern Washington are very different places with different strengths and challenges and both parts of the State will be better off when Eastern Washington is added to Idaho.  Please join us today and help make this happen!



Washington State and Idaho will have to agree that they would like to pursue an adjustment to their shared border and will form a negotiating committee that will be responsible for developing and plan and agreement that will address the following issues:


  • Where the new boundary will be

  • State revenues and reserves

  • State liabilities

  • Timeline for implementation

Each State will then have to ratify the agreement into law
The agreement will then need to be ratified by the Federal Government

This is a large undertaking that will take many years and lots of resources.  The Committee for Liberty understands this and is committed to doing whatever we can to help bring this about. 



Why support the Committee for Liberty?

There have been many attempts in the past and some currently to address the differences between Western and Eastern Washington. These efforts in the past have failed because they have either had the wrong objective (creating a new State) or because they did not have an appropriate strategy and approach. The Committee for Liberty has the right goal and a sound strategy. Our solution (moving the State boundary) will make things better for both Western and Eastern Washington and Idaho. Our Committee is not just interested in what is best for a segment of the population of Washington State. We are building a coalition across the State made up of people of different backgrounds and political beliefs that all believe people are best served when their elected government reflects the beliefs and ideals of those it governs.

Why not just create a new state?

We believe that any attempt to create a new state will fail. Creating a new state would require that we also create new Senators, a new state capital, new laws, bureaucracy, other political offices, and tax structures. By simply moving a state line we avoid all of those problems.

What type of organization is the Committee for Liberty?

The Committee for Liberty is a Super PAC registered with the IRS and the Washington State PDC.

Is my donation tax deductible?


Are there any limitations on how much can be donated?

No and a donation can be made from any entity type, including C Corps, Trusts, Individuals, Couples, S Corps, LLC’s, etc.

Where will the new boundary be?

There are a lot of options for the new border. The Committee’s goal is that the new border will follow the will of the people that are in the affected area as closely as possible. If a county wants to be included in the move then it should be, and conversely if the people of the county don’t want to move then the county should stay.

How long do you think this will take?

This will be a long process but we hope that it can be accomplished by 2030.



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